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    Placed between the air compressor air nozzle and the hose fitting, if the valve detects a sudden drop in pressure it closes shut and prevents any more air from entering the hose. “OSHA valves


     · BREATHING AIR HOSE AND FITTINGS 3/16” ID Custom hose assemblies made to order – specify lengths and end configurations TWIN-LINE HYDRAULIC HOSE AND FITTINGS 1/4” ID Need replacement hose for your rescue equipment? Custom hose assemblies made to order – specify lengths and end configurations All assemblies pre-assembled

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     · Air Gun Safety Six Easy Steps to OSHA Compliance Generally speaking, in-line style guns are preferred for applications with air lines fed from above. Pistol grip style guns are often preferred for air lines fed from below. Operator preference, including comfort and ergonomics, is key.


    The Twinhammer 7084 Series is a chemically bonded dual air/water hose assembly made to deliver an air compressor hose and a water pump hose to jackhammers. Complies with OSHA RCS standards to suppress silica dust when in use up to 212°F and 300 psi.

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    dn 13 1 2 wp28 bar 410 psi food grade hose pipe . Tubular connection. Digestion or sterilization apparatus which cap and a rim 158 of a hose or conduit 160.1/2 inch, this valve opens at about 60 psi . Get Price. Oil separator for vehicle air system. 2. Apparatus as set forth in claim 1 the rating of connecting hoses or lines, and The

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     · Focus on Safety: High Pressure Lines High pressure lines, whether compressed air hoses, hydraulic lines or water spray operations for daily decontamination, need to be properly managed as they represent an array of hazards to the operator as well as persons within the immediate area. As hydraulic systems become more complex, and pressures

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    12" Dual Head Straight Foot Chuck with Cushioned Grip . Part#: 693-12CG

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    The air hose carries compressed air to pneumatic systems or tools. Chemical hoses are resistant to harsh substances and are used to transport acidic chemical products. The beverage and food hose is common in the food industry and will meet FDA standards for food safety. Steam hoses are used for pneumatic applications as well as steam cleaning.

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     · Two ways to prevent non-compliance of OSHA 1910.242(b). Either by regulating the pressure by means of an air pressure reducer or a specially designed nozzle.The air gun can either reduce the pressure by means of a built-in pressure reducer or by the use of technology that reduces the pressure in the event of a total blockage.. To avoid non-compliance with OSHA 1910.242(b), the pressure must be

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    The use of hose or electric cords for this purpose is prohibited. 1915.131(b)When air tools of the reciprocating type are not in use, the dies and tools shall be removed. 1915.131(c)All portable, power-driven circular saws shall be equipped with guards above and below the base plate or shoe.

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     · to OSHA. An air hose that has come loose from the fitting can whip around and be a serious hazard. 5. Hoses must be kept in good condition and protected from damage during use. Keep hoses off the floor as possible tripping hazards. Coil the hoses and hang on hooks or use hose reels where practical. Compressed Air Safety Before you begin

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    New query §6997. Air Hose. (a) (13-21) The ends of every compressed air hose 1 inch or larger inside diameter shall be chained or otherwise secured to prevent whipping in case of a disconnected hose. When 2 or more hoses are connected to each other, the connecting ends shall be secured together.

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  • Twinhammer Bonded Air/Water Jackhammer Hose System

     · is the first factory-assembled dual hose system that delivers both air and water in a single, unitized configuration for silica dust suppression in pneumatic jackhammer applications. Twinhammer Hose is a safe and efficient way to comply with the OSHA standard. The new twin line hose system: transfers air to power heavy duty

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    Air guns deliver a focused, high-pressure stream of air to clean dust and residue from spaces or equipment. They are often used in hard-to-reach or tight places such as conveyors, pipe, and under or behind equipment.

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    Air tanks should be located so that the entire outside surfaces can be easily inspected. Air tanks should not be buried or placed where they cannot be seen for frequent inspection. Each air receiver shall be equipped with at least one pressure gauge and an ASME safety valve of the proper design.

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    Don''t Get ''Hosed'' by OSHA Your hoses may be setting your business up for unwanted scrutiny from OSHA! Air hoses that are improperly assembled can result in wasted air and lost energy dollars, but more importantly, an air hose can cause injury or death if not properly assembled leaving your company open to inspections from insurance companies

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     · Top 12 Compressed Air Safety Guidelines 1. Never apply compressed air to the skin or direct it at a person. Even air at a pressure of 15 psig can cause serious injury. Never use a compressed air hose to clean dirt or dust from your clothing or body. pressure in case of hose failure (per OSHA regulations). 9. Do not use air directly from a

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     · The air intakes for all air compressors shall be located at a place where fumes, exhaust, gases, and other air contaminants will be at a minimum. 1926.803(h)(10) Gauges indicating the pressure in the working chamber shall be installed in the compressor building, the lock attendant''s station, and at the employer''s field office.

  • Complying with OSHA’s Compressed Air Standard

    One of the most commonly misunderstood regulations about compressed air is, how to use it safely. OSHA requires a few key features to adhere to when using compressed air to clean. Many people come to the conclusion that the supply air pressure must be reduced to below 30 psig to safely use compressed air for cleaning.…

  • Chicago Coupling — Locking Air Hose Couplings

     · Locking Air Hose Couplings. These styles combine the quarter turn claw style with a sleeve retractable feature of a quick disconnect coupling. Please check MSHA 30 CFR65.13021 and OSHA regulation 29CFR1915.131 to learn more about what is safety measures are required for your application.

  • A guide to the Work in Compressed Air Regulations 1996

     · A guide to the Work in Compressed Air Regulations 1996 Page 7 of 86 Health and Safety Executive Introduction 1 The Work in Compressed Air Regulations 1996 (SI 1996/1656) provide a framework for the management of health and safety risks by those undertaking tunnelling and other construction work in compressed air. They essentially update

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    ARB Bulkhead Fitting Kit – New Style. Earlier this year ARB rolled out their newest bulkhead fitting kit (ARB pn#170114) for the ARB Air Locking differentials and it has some new features over the older fitting kit it replaces.A couple weeks ago we went through the older style ARB bulkhead kit (ARB pn# 170111) that has been in use for over a decade, now it’s time to show you the newer kit.

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     · COMPRESSED AIR SAFETY Compressed air is put under pressure in order to do work. Compressed air can be used for Keep the air hose off the floor where it is a trip hazard and subject to damage by trucks, doors, and dropped tools. HOW CAN I USE COMPRESSED AIR FOR CLEANING? The OSHA regulations permit the use of compressed air for

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    Another very common hazard that I run across during inspections at both manufacturing and construction work-sites is the use of water hose clamps (aka worm-driven hose clamps)to splice compressed air hoses, as well as to connect compressed air hoses to quick couplers and other hose fittings. OSHA Construction standard 1926.302(b)(5) states that

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     · compressed air hoses to couplers, valves, and other devices are of the proper type and size. A common mistake found at many job sites is the use of water hose clamps to connect couplers on compressed air hoses (refer to photos on handout accompanying this toolbox talk). Water hose clamps can cut into the hose and cause it to break. Also, they

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    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, protects workers from job-related hazards. OSHA''s standards for employers cover the use of portable pneumatic tools such as nail guns, drills, hammers and air guns. Because these tools rely on pressurized air, employees must take specific steps to …

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    1/4" NPT Lever Blow Gun - Rubber and Safety Tip Nozzles . Part#: 148BK,S-148 Starting at